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Is really free?

Yes, is currently fully accessible at no charge.


Will give my email address to anyone?

No, emails are not distributed for any reason. Members may receive email alerts from Please read our Privacy Policy, created to protect our members.


Does provide financial advice?

No, site editors and owners are not investment advisors and do not provide investment advice. simply provides a starting point for investors with its profiles and commentary. Never invest based solely on information on the site or discussed in our email alerts.


What types of companies does profile? mainly NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, and OTC BB companies in our newsletters. Pink Sheet issues are also profiled in our newsletters.


Does receive compensation for companies profiled? only receives compensation from those companies specified within our Legal Disclaimer, on our site or within our newsletter. They are corporate client companies; they may also appear in various other locations of our website. At the top right of each page are links to our legal disclaimer, and when a corporate client is discussed, it will be included in this disclaimer, which fully discloses that the company is a corporate client and the type and amount of compensation received.



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