What are the costs of your service?

The service, our penny stock newsletter, is currently free, and will remain free for all who subscribe during this free limited time offer. However, we cannot guarantee that it will remain this way forever. Join now to take advantage of this fantastic promotion and secure your free lifetime subscription!

What information do you collect?

All we need is your email address in order to keep in touch with you. We will never ask you for any additional information such as your name, address, or credit card information. You can rest assured that we are 100% Anti-Spam and will never rent or sell your email to third parties. Your email address will always remain confidential.

How do I receive the penny stock alerts?

Our penny stock alerts are sent to the email address you register with us. To ensure that you receive our penny stock newsletter promptly by email, make sure you add us to your email’s “Contact list”. This way our penny stock newsletter will be delivered directly to your inbox without the possibility of it being diverted to your spam/junk folder, in which case you may miss our free hot penny stock picks, or discover them too late when they have already made their move.

When will I receive the first email or penny stock newsletter?

You will receive an email from Perfect Penny Stocks shortly after subscribing. This email is to welcome you to the Perfect Penny Stock community and to thank you for joining. This email also reminds you of the importance of adding us to your email’s “Contact List” in order to receive our penny stock newsletter directly in your inbox and avoid the possibility of our hot penny stock picks ending up in your spam/junk folder. After our “Welcome” email you can expect to receive our penny stock newsletter at least once per month. This penny stock newsletter will include a new, timely penny stock pick!

What kind of stocks do you send alerts on?

Our penny stock newsletter focuses on the penny stock market, locating the best penny stocks and the top penny stock at any given time. Our penny stock pick is usually a low priced stock, yet can be found in any of a variety of different markets. These markets include the over-the-counter bulletin board “OTCBB”, yet we also focus on pink sheet stocks and low priced stocks trading on other exchanges such as NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE. Our stock alerts mostly include smaller companies that are considered small caps, micro cap stocks or nano cap stocks.

Do you guarantee gains?

We do not guarantee gains, no one can. If someone tells you they can, they are lying. There is now and will always be risk involved in stocks. This risk is greater in penny stocks and although it is important to minimize risk as much as possible, it will always be there. We do have a track record that speaks for itself with a long history of providing winning penny stock picks to our members. There is a reason our member retention is so high. Gains have reached 100%, 500%, 1000% and even more!

Can I Unsubscribe at any time?

Yes. Perfect Penny Stocks is a top penny stocks newsletter and most of our members remain members for a long time once they have signed up as they look forward to receiving the next free hot penny stock pick. However, if at any time you choose to stop receiving our penny stock newsletter you are free to unsubscribe at any time. Simply click on an “Unsubscribe” link found in any of the penny stock newsletters you receive from us.

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